Trump Is a Psychopath

A new video to remind people exactly who they are being asked to vote for: Trump is a cruel, abusive, detestable human being.

Trump Is a Psychopath

Imagine what would happen to any normal politician if they got caught doing the kinds of things Donald Trump routinely gets away with.


Stole from kids with cancer. Took his nephew's seriously ill son off the family health plan. Operated a fake university that cheated seniors and war widows out of their life savings. Telephoned tabloid journalists claiming to be a fictional PR person to plant numerous fake stories, including the false claim that he was being pursued romantically by Madonna and Kim Basinger. Snitched on fellow celebrities to avoid being charged for his personal participation in a tax avoidance scheme at Bulgari's 5th Avenue store. Bragged about routinely bribing politicians. Paid a $10 million fine when caught money laundering at his New Jersey casino. Has been accused of sleeping with multiple girls and women at Jeffrey Epstein's NY mansion. Has been accused of raping and threatening a 13-year-old girl at the same location. Ran a seedy modeling agency that trapped underage girls into working for him to pay his exorbitant rents while in NY on tourist visas. Allegedly pimped out underage girls to his associates at sex-and-drugs parties at the Plaza Hotel, parties at which Trump himself was allegedly "getting laid like crazy." Bragged about sneaking into the dressing rooms of a teen pageant he owned, specifically to ogle minors naked. Bragged about sexually assaulting women without consequence. Called a beauty queen who gained weight "Miss Piggy." Routinely insulted women—including political opponents—for their looks. Called Mexicans "rapists." Encouraged violence at political rallies. Paid hush money to a porn star. Allegedly called fallen U.S. troops "losers" and "suckers." Accepted millions from foreign entities while President. Encouraged police to rough up suspects. Suggested drinking bleach or hitting the body with "a very powerful light" to treat a deadly virus. Masterminded an election meddling scheme for which he has been indicted and to which multiple accomplices have already pleaded guilty. Launched an insurrection. Stole classified documents while leaving the White House, stored them next to a toilet, and refused to return them when asked. Suggested executing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley. Ran a business that has been convicted for multi-year tax fraud. Committed a violent sexual assault for which he was found liable by a jury in a verdict which, according to the judge, confirmed that Trump raped E. Jean Carroll in the way that "many people commonly understand the word 'rape.'"

This, of course, is only a partial list of Trump's misdeeds. But it illustrates the kinds of shameless behaviors, fraud, fakery, and criminality for which Trump is legendary.

In 2016, even Republicans admitted Trump wasn't a person they would let babysit their kids. Others, including me, who suggested a failed businessman, known con artist and famed money launderer wasn't the best person to be put in charge of the world's largest economy, were proven correct even before Covid hit.

But now it's 2024.

Based on everything we know, there is simply no excuse for still supporting Donald Trump.

With authoritarianism on the rise globally, our disgraced—twice impeached, 4X-indicted—former President is running for re-election as an openly racist, unapologetically Hitler-quoting, Mussolini-imitating would-be dictator. He's gleefully promoting election intimidation and violence while previewing a reign of terror, corruption and environmental destruction in which women, minorities, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community will be treated harshly—and vengeance will be wreaked upon those who have crossed him.

Yet Republicans still embrace Trump as their leader. Evangelical Christians still tell us he was sent by God. The corporate media still normalize him at every turn.

These are scary times.

In his first term, Trump not only failed as President, he took action to accelerate the "global boiling" we now have less and less time to combat.

Meanwhile, technology is advancing so fast that AI now represents a massive political threat to the whole world.

In the largest survey of its kind, 2,778 researchers "who had published in top-tier artificial intelligence venues" were asked to rank their concern about 11 "potentially concerning" scenarios about AI's impact on society over the next thirty years:

As measured by the percentage of respondents who thought a scenario constituted either a “substantial” or “extreme” concern, the scenarios worthy of most concern were: spread of false information e.g. deepfakes (86%), manipulation of large-scale public opinion trends (79%), AI letting dangerous groups make powerful tools (e.g. engineered viruses) (73%), authoritarian rulers using AI to control their populations (73%), and AI systems worsening economic inequality by disproportionately benefiting certain individuals (71%).

The next President will likely be in office at a moment when incredibly powerful new AIs will be deployed by dictators, hostile regimes, oligarchs, and forces of evil around the world.

Trump already wants to shoot people for shoplifting. Imagine the consequences if the U.S. deployment of the most powerful population control technologies ever created—along with a new generation of autonomous robotic and drone technologies—are placed in his hands (or the hands of people like Steve Bannon or Stephen Miller).

Lying. Cheating. Bullying.

In the good old days, "Christian" parents taught their children that these were bad things. Today, they indoctrinate their kids to worship at the altar of Trump—perhaps the most obnoxious bully, liar and cheat America has ever seen.

But let's assume that Trump's "base" accounts for only one third of the national electorate.

That means two out of three voters can still be reasoned with.

They can be shown the obvious evidence of Trump's mental decline.

They can be urged to reject the idea that America should be led by a man so cruel, immoral, abusive.

And, whenever possible, they can be educated about the psychological underpinnings of Trump's most depraved and unconscionable behavior.

Trump is a diagnosed psychopath.

In an attempt to highlight Trump's incurable mental condition, I have interviewed clinical psychologist Vince Greenwood, Ph.D.—who has clinically diagnosed Trump as a Psychopath, based on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist — Revised (PCL-R)—four times since the summer of 2020.

Links to all four of these interviews are below (the 4th interview is in two parts).

While all of these past articles have been shared widely on social media, in 2024 I'm looking for new ways to get this message out.

So I made a video:

"Trump Is a Psychopath" is the first video on my new "The Daily Edge" YouTube channel. I based the script on my original 2020 interview with Dr. Greenwood and produced it using Invideo AI, which allows me to generate a voiceover for the script and also incorporate licensed stock images and video.

If you like the video, please share it with others (as George Conway did on X already.)

As I expand my social media efforts to YouTube and TikTok, please feel free to spread the word and follow me there.

I'll also be posting this and future videos on other platforms.

You can find all my active social pages for The Daily Edge (including Facebook, Instagram, Threads and Mastodon) here:

Find my 2020-2023 interviews (three of which were originally published on Substack) with psychologist Vince Greenwood, Ph.D., here on Ghost:

From August 2020:

Diagnosis: Psychopath
A clinical psychologist explains the one disorder that trumps all others

From September 2020:

The Frantic Psychopath
“We need to prepare ourselves for even more outrageous assaults,” says clinical psychologist Vince Greenwood, Ph.D.

From July 2022:

A Most Dangerous Case
A Q&A with Vince Greenwood Ph.D. on the risks America would face if the psychopath Trump were elected again

From November 2023:

The Psychopathic Fascist
The psychopathy diagnosis means “Trump is more dangerous than even his strongest critics proclaim.”

From November 2023 (continued):

“Democracy Be Damned”
A fascist-friendly political party and an extremist religious movement are determined to destroy America

You can follow Dr. Greenwood on X here:

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