Epstein's Other Island

Epstein's Other Island

In two recent articles, I've detailed the fact that many of Trump's worst sex crimes—with underage girls at the Epstein mansion, at Trump-hosted cocaine-and-sex parties at the Plaza Hotel, plus the sexual assault of E. Jean Carroll at the Bergdorf Goodman department store—all happened within just a few blocks of Trump Tower.

New video: "Epstein's Other Island"

I've now adapted these two articles, "Trump and Epstein" and "Trump's 'Many' Epstein Girls" into a new video which I thought I'd share here, too.

As the video says, Trump didn't have to take a jet to the Caribbean to attend child sex parties with his longtime friend, sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Because Trump, a self-confessed sexual predator, not only lived on "Epstein's Other Island." For years, he made it his hunting ground.

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