The Victim They Shared

As a teenager, Anouska De Georgiou was groomed and raped by Jeffrey Epstein. At 20, she was introduced to the world as Donald Trump's new girlfriend.

The Victim They Shared

Following the death of Jeffrey Epstein in August 2019, multiple accusers stepped forward to have their day in court.

Among them was a new accuser whose presence, testimony and subsequent media interviews made headlines around the world.

Anouska De Georgiou, a former socialite, model, and actress, was the first British victim to come forward. She accused Epstein of grooming and raping her for several years, beginning in her teens.

De Georgiou spoke to NBC News and participated in a months-long Dateline investigation into Epstein's crimes in which she detailed her ordeal and her reasons for coming forward. (NOTE: While the Dateline videos are no longer available on the NBC website, this TODAY Show interview is still on YouTube.)

According to NBC News:

Anouska De Georgiou was living a charmed life in the mid-1990s. A teenage model from an affluent family in London, she had a future as bright as her mega-watt smile.
But then she got sucked into Jeffrey Epstein's orbit through well-connected friends. They met for the first time in London. In time she was being flown to Epstein's properties around the world, including his private island in the Caribbean, on flights he paid for.
The grooming, De Georgiou said, was subtle but persistent ⁠— and pervasive.

"By the time I was being raped, it was too late," De Georgiou told NBC News.

In 2019, NBC News also highlighted De Georgiou's work running a home for abused women in Los Angeles.

British media, meanwhile, focused on her modeling, acting and dating histories.

The Sun called her a "Playboy model" and said she had revealed how, while being groomed and raped by Epstein, "the sick financier's cronies and enablers would turn a blind eye to his brazen abuse of vulnerable young girls."

Sky News highlighted her acting work, including a role in the 2004 Jude Law film "Alfie" and her more recent dating history, including a 2010 relationship with David Hasselhoff.

This was not the first time Anouska De Georgiou's dating life had been of interest to the British media.

Missing from the media coverage in 2019 was perhaps the most relevant aspect of Epstein victim Anouska De Georgiou's dating history:

After she had been groomed and raped during her teenage years by Jeffrey Epstein, the 20-year-old De Georgiou was "introduced" to the then-51-year-old Donald Trump by Epstein's sex-trafficking partner Ghislaine Maxwell. Soon after, the three flew to Mar-a-Lago for a "happy weekend"—after which De Georgiou was installed in a Trump-owned apartment in New York City.

All of this had been reported at the time—on 23 November, 1997—by the Sunday Mirror (a paper which had been owned by Ghislaine Maxwell's father Robert Maxwell until he either died of natural causes or got "Epsteined" and fell off a yacht in 1991).

Here's how that article originally appeared:

Also of note: This brief article also states "several American millionaires already had their eyes on Anouska" who met Trump "at a party in Manhattan" that De Georgiou was attending with Maxwell.

While the location of this party isn't specified, these two details reinforce the idea that many of "the sick financier's cronies and enablers" were aware of De Georgiou and also serves as a reminder that Trump himself was a frequent attendee at child sex parties at the Epstein mansion in Manhattan.

In 1997, Anouska De Georgiou was 20 years old. She was born the same year as Donald Trump, Jr. and is just four years older that Ivanka Trump, who was 16 when De Georgiou began dating her twice-divorced father. (Earlier in 1997, the then-15-year-old Ivanka had begun her own modeling career, working for Trump friend John Casablancas at the Elite modeling agency. Elite was notorious for child sexual exploitation as Trump was well aware. Casablancas himself was a notorious groomer who at the age of 50 married a 17-year-old Brazilian girl who a year earlier had entered his Look of the Year contest as "deeply religious and virginal" 16-year-old.)

Groomed by Epstein, then passed along to Trump

Knowing everything we know about Trump and Epstein and their extremely close relationship during the 1990s, it is hard to believe that Trump was unaware of the young model Anouska De Giorgiou's existence before she turned 20.

Epstein accuser Sarah Ransome claimed that "many girls had sexual relations with Donald Trump," and that one girl she knew "had sexual relations with Trump at Jeffery’s NY mansion on regular occasions."

Also, because Epstein was such a frequent visitor to Mar-a-Lago around the time of the "happy weekend" trip Trump, Maxwell and De Giorgiou took in 1997, it cannot be ruled out that he was there that weekend, too.

Yet somehow—despite De Georgiou's highly visible role as an Epstein accuser and her reported history as a Trump "girlfriend"—the media for the most part has failed to connect the dots.

De Georgiou is just one of Epstein's teenage victims known to have also figured in Trump's orbit. Other examples include:

  • At Ghislaine Maxwell's 2021 trial, one unnamed Epstein accuser said she was introduced to Trump at Mar-a-Lago at age 14.
  • Teenage victim Virginia Giuffre was working at Mar-a-Lago when she was introduced to Trump's sex trafficking friend in the year 2000.

Another woman both men associated with, according to Craig Unger, was Russian model and beauty-pageant contestant Anna Malova, "who moved into a 30th-floor condo in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue" while Trump was still married to Marla Maples.

1998 Miss Universe contestants, including Anna Malova as "Miss Russia"
1998 Miss Universe contestants, including Anna Malova as "Miss Russia"

After buying Miss Universe, Trump bent the rules to let Malova compete as "Miss Russia" in 1998.

In February 1999, according to Unger, "Malova, then 27, flew on board Epstein’s Gulfstream, the so-called Lolita Express, with Maxwell and Prince Andrew, from Epstein’s Little St. James (a.k.a. “Pedophile Island”) back to Florida."

In addition, Trump was allegedly on a date with Norwegian heiress Celina Midelfart when he first met his future wife, the former Slovenian Look of the Year contestant, Melania Knauss.

As with Anouska De Georgiou, Midelfart also had a prior relationship with Jeffrey Epstein before "dating" Trump.

Getty Images features multiple pictures of Midelfart with both Epstein and Trump, including one of then-student Midelfart with Epstein at Mar-a-Lago in 1995, one of Midelfart kissing Epstein on the cheek at a Mar-a-Lago event in 1997, and pictures of Midelfart accompanying Trump as a date to at least three events in 1998.

Midelfart, a successful business woman and investor, has denied claims made in Maxwell's 2021 trial that she was anything more than a friend to either man.

Two serial sex predators, joined at the hip for two decades

An incredible amount of media coverage has focused on Epstein associates including Prince Andrew, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton.

It's mind-blowing that the media has not given the same kind of attention to Epstein's relationship with Trump, a self-confessed serial sex predator who, like Epstein, has made no secret of his attraction to "younger" women.

For nearly two decades, Trump and Epstein were almost joined at the hip, frequently seen together at lavish events and social gatherings in NY and Florida, many of which featured aspiring and vulnerable teen models a long way from home, all looking to make connections and get career breaks.

According to Unger, Epstein "began importing girls from the former Soviet Union" right around the time Trump established a modeling agency in 1999 that was known to enter into illegal and abusive relationships with undocumented teenagers as young as 14—including "Russians"—brought into the US on tourist visas.

Another Epstein associate who opened a similar modeling agency, Jean-Luc Brunel, was found hanged, Epstein-style, in 2022 while awaiting his own trial for “rape and sexual assault, rape and sexual assault on a minor under 15, rape and sexual assault on a minor over 15, sexual harassment, criminal associations and human trafficking to the detriment of minor victims for the purposes of sexual exploitation.”

Could Trump molest someone on live TV and still not lose a single vote?

During the time he was associated with Epstein—from the late 1980s all the way to 2004—Trump's brazenness in regard to sexual attacks on women includes his now-notorious assault on E. Jean Carroll at Bergdorf Goodman department store—on Fifth Avenue, between Trump Tower and the Epstein mansion.

Notorious celebrity sex predators Jimmy Savile and Donald Trump
Notorious celebrity sex predators Jimmy Savile and Donald Trump

But it's around tweens and teens that Trump's public behavior is often the most shocking. In one 1992 video, Trump was caught on tape saying about one young girl, "I am going to be dating her in ten years. Can you believe it?" Among the many inappropriate insights into his life he has shared with Howard Stern was the tale of much he enjoyed sneaking into the dressing rooms of underage pageant contestants to "inspect" them in states of undress. And he has frequently made inappropriate sexual comments about his daughter Ivanka in TV interviews, telling The View co-hosts if she weren't his daughter he would be dating her. In a 1994 interview with the late Robin Leach, Trump even speculated on whether new baby Tiffany would have breasts like her mother Marla Maples.

Perhaps the only sexual predator as cocksure around underage victims as Trump in the past few decades is the late UK entertainer Jimmy Savile who once groped a woman on live TV, 14 years before he was knighted by the Queen.

Like Trump, Savile used his celebrity and his philanthropy as cover for his sexual crimes. According to The Standard, a 2013 UK police investigation found that:

Savile sexually abused 450 people, 328 of whom were minors.
Savile used his power and unrestricted access into schools, hospitals and mental health institutions to target, corner and silence his victims.
Harrowing stories of his crimes include making sexual comments, coercing 14 year old girls in children’s homes to give him oral sex, raping children he met on on hospital wards... Savile (also) boasted that he played around with corpses after hours in hospital mortuaries, performing sex acts and taking photos of bodies.

Also in 2013, as VH1 reported, NBC's Celebrity Apprentice aired footage of Trump "verbalizing his desire to see (former Playboy Playmate) Brande Roderick drop to her knees to give him a BJ":

"Excuse me, you DROPPED to your knees?", Trump directs towards Brande.
"Yes," Brande responds.
It's at this point that you can see the wheels of Trump's dirty mind turning, verrrrrrry slowly yet very surely. A full six seconds, which is an ETERNITY of time in the rapid-paced world of reality television editing, expire before Trump responds, "It must be a pretty picture. You dropping to your knees."

In 2013, VH1's Mark Graham was shocked that such a comment would end up "on a show that is not only broadcast on television, but on NETWORK television... A show that, mind you, is run through a gamut of producers and censors, and one that apparently no one had the cajones to step up and say, 'You know, this is a bit that's best left on the cutting room floor'?"

But, yes, that exchange did air—on national TV—and just three years before Trump claimed the Presidency.

In October 2016, after the Access Hollywood tapes were released, one UK radio host described Trump and Savile as "two peas in a pod."

The brazenness of the long-term celebrity sex offender

Psychopaths like Trump and Savile use their celebrity status and their public behavior as a way of showing their victims how invincible they are.

Who would dare to speak up against Savile, the guy who fondles women in front of millions of people on the BBC's most popular music show—or Trump, who's allowed to make blowjob jokes in an unscripted "job interview" show on NBC?

As one former teen pageant contestant Trump had once ogled told CNN: "Who do you complain to? He owns the pageant."

And when psychopaths like Trump keep getting away with sexual abuse, they see no reason to stop.

For decades, celebrity predators like Trump and Savile operated in a world where their victims were too scared to talk. They surrounded themselves with "cronies and enablers" they made complicit in their crimes.

Everyone—including the media—looked the other way.

And even when the victims did come forward—even a victim like Anouska De Georgiou who had a previously reported relationship with Donald Trump—journalists as recently as 2019 have still refused to ask the right questions.

As a teenager, Anouska De Georgiou was groomed and raped by Jeffrey Epstein. At 20, she was introduced to Donald Trump by Ghislaine Maxwell, flown to Mar-a-Lago, ensconced in a Trump apartment in New York, and then presented to the world as Trump's new girlfriend.

Joining the dots here isn't difficult. When it comes to Anouska De Georgiou, there's a Jeffrey Epstein dot, a Ghislaine Maxwell dot and a Donald Trump dot.

How difficult would it have been to connect them?

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