Nikki Palin

Assuming sex predator Trump feels compelled to pick a woman as his running mate in 2024, Nikki Haley is the likely choice. The only problem: She's as psycho as the rest of them.

Nikki Palin

Since launching her audition for the role of Trump's 2024 running mate (aka. her Presidential campaign), the "trailblazing" former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has been "telling it like it is" on the campaign trail and promising "not to lie to the American people" on shows like Face the Nation.

While nominally separating herself from Trump by running against him, Haley is, in reality, simply trying to show up on Trump's TV as much as possible to convince him that, as long as he stays out of prison, she'll be the right female to add to his ticket.

Aging pervert Trump's heart might yearn for Kari Lake and his Dark MAGA base may be clamoring for the thuggery of Perjury Taylor Greene. But even Trump—twice-impeached and now a jury-convicted sex abuser—knows he has to broaden his appeal beyond the My Pillow customer base if he wants to stand any chance in 2024.

Trump is not only 0 for 2 in the popular vote in the past two Presidential elections, He was also such a disaster as President that his loss in the popular vote more than doubled between 2016 and 2020.

Hillary schlonged Trump by 3 million votes.

Sleepy Joe rope-a-doped him into a humiliating 7-million-vote annihilation.

As much as she seems TV-ready and Palinesque, Kari Lake couldn't even win in Arizona. Her whiny crybaby (i.e. Trumplike) antics since her 2020 defeat have only reinforced her loser status. And Trump—The Biggest Loser of all—knows that two losers don't make a winning ticket.

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene may think she scored a points by calling Democrats "pedophiles" on 60 Minutes. But that's a topic that President Pussygrabber will hope to avoid discussing following the revelations at the recent E. Jean Carroll trial. MTG's "groomer" bullshit doesn't fit well with Trump's well-documented, multi-year history of lusting after (and, allegedly, doing a whole lot more to) teens and pre-teens in the company of Jeffrey Epstein and John Casablancas, and even when just riding the Trump Tower escalators.

We Already Know Nikki Haley Is Trump's "Type"

Haley famously worked for Trump, serving as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations for the first half of Trump's failed presidency. According to Michael Wolff, Haley also welcomed the opportunity to be "groomed" by Trump for a "national political future."

It's possible that (as far as anyone can trust a Trump promise) she already has the VP nomination in the bag.

In that light, her early Presidential announcement could be seen as a ploy to: a) hopefully scare off other possible entrants into the race; and b) give Trump some cover to fake a "move to the center" in the closing stages of the 2024 campaign.

Case in point: On CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday May 14, Haley stated unequivocally that it would be impossible for the next President to get the votes to institute a national abortion ban: “In states, yes. At the federal level, it’s not realistic. It’s not being honest with the American people.”

Why would any "serious" female politician tie their political future to a Dirty Old Man like Trump?

Perhaps part of the deal is a blanket Presidential pardon in the event that the obese, mentally addled, french-fries-and-ice-cream-loving Trump (who will be 78 on election day in 2024) decides that he's unable to see out the entire four years of his second term.

The Only Flaw in the Plan

If Trump, as I expect he will, feels compelled to pick a woman as his running mate in 2024, Nikki Haley is already the clear front-runner and the likely choice.

The only problem: She's as psycho as the rest of them.

Sarah Palin without the helicopter.

Like Sarah Palin before her, Haley is the kind of candidate who grows less and less appealing the more you know about her.

She may try to soften the party's war on women on the national level—but the white Republican males around the country have already made that a losing issue.

On everything else—from gun control to LGBTQ rights to teaching the truth about Black history, and more—Haley sides with the NRA, the religious extremists and the fascists.

Haley's message to suburban moms worried that their kids may get shot in school: Tough shit.

Haley's message to minorities, the LGBTQ community and all who love them: I hate you more than I hate Covid.

Haley's message to those who oppose censorship, book banning and educational gag orders: Buckle up. We're just getting started.

For all her supposed appeal as the daughter of Indian immigrants, on every major issue, Haley has adopted positions that align herself with the hate-filled white nationalist extremists who now dominate the GOP—putting her in direct opposition to the hopes, dreams and values of the vast majority of Americans.

Ultimately, in an echo of McCain's disastrous 2008 VP pick, Haley will end up being a drag on Trump's ticket.

She's 2024's Sarah Palin. The only things missing are the caribou and the helicopter.

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