Hiding Behind Trump

For Christo-Fascists, Trump is both their path to power and the clown who distracts voters from the true evil they represent.

Hiding Behind Trump

Yes, it's embarrassing.

Yes, it's shameful.

Yes, it's degrading.

Nevertheless, prominent Republican politicians are lining up to debase themselves and publicly demonstrate their allegiance to Donald Trump at the Manhattan courthouse.

"Christian" contortionists

The fact that Trump is a despicable, pathetic, disgusting stain on humanity currently facing trial for a criminal attack on American democracy to help conceal adulterous acts with an actress whose profession they hope to soon make illegal only makes their political performance art more laughable.

Even the covenantly married Mike Johnson has been willing to abuse his political platform to violate Judge Merchan's gag order, attack innocent people, intimidate witnesses, spread Trump's lies and undermine the Rule of Law. As he stood defending the lawless adulterer and election cheat Donald Trump there's no telling how many times his son's phone pinged with "porn alerts" explaining that his dad was at the trial of a married man who not only had sex without a condom with an adult film star, but then committed dozens of crimes to conceal it.

There's only one reason they endure this ritual humiliation

Today's "Christian Nationalist" Republicans care about one thing only: Power. And when it comes to the Presidency, they know Trump is their only path to regaining it. They may hate Trump and Trump may hate them. But they need each other.

They know that Trump—a carnival barking clown, diagnosed psychopath, serial adulterer and shameless criminal—who makes a daily mockery of "Christian" teachings is the only Republican with 100% name recognition and enough popularity to put him in contention to possibly win a national election.

Lichen: It thrives even in places where neither fungus nor algal partner could survive alone
Lichen: It thrives even in places where neither fungus nor algal partner could survive alone

Imagine Trump is a fungus and Republican politicians are algae.

Nine years after the fungus descended the Trump Tower elevator to cheers from a crowd of paid actors, the algae have melded with him even more strongly than RFK Jr. did with his brain worm.

Today, the GOP has become lichen: a fungus-plus-algae life form that can "survive in places neither the fungus nor the algal partner could survive alone."

Trump is the GOP's only national option

Republicans didn't want Trump to force himself on them in 2016. But the unbearable sadness of Jeb(!), the creepiness of Cruz, and the robotic-ness of Rubio made an alliance with the mobbed-up money launderer a necessity.

When the Access Hollywood tapes came out in October 2016, Republicans, like so many girls and women before them, tried again to say no to Trump. But he just wouldn't listen.

After Trump cheated his way to victory against Hillary, he proved to be a incredibly stupid and incompetent president. His failures were overshadowed only by his broken promises. His recklessness in the face of a global pandemic condemned hundreds of thousands of Americans to die unnecessarily.

When he finally left office in disgrace, the twice-impeached one-term loser should have been incarcerated immediately and consigned without ceremony to the dumpster fire of history.

But, of course, he wasn't.

In 2022, Trump proved again that, for all his love of dictator-chic gold furnishings, he didn't possess a Midas Touch. His primary endorsements were so disastrous that by themselves they helped shrink the expected "Red Wave" into a "Red Puddle."

In 2024, the Christo-Fascists and billionaire donors tried again to break free from Trump's grabby little hands.

But the go-go boot-wearing Great White Dope Ron DeSantis danced himself off the stage in record time. And Nikki Haley, for all her supposed appeal, stood no chance in the head-to-head matchup against Trump.

Trump is the GOP's perfect "imperfect messenger"

The GOP's stated policies are consistently rejected by the majority of Americans. And what they plan to do next—as spelled out in "Project 2025"—would create a nation that most Americans would find abhorrent.

Trump's complete immorality and total lack of seriousness continue to dupe many Americans into thinking he won't possibly do all the crazy, unpopular things Republicans say he absolutely will be doing, starting on Day One.

Trump's very presence eliminates the need for the GOP to engage in any serious debate on policies from climate change to gun reform, from education to immigration, from tax policy to the social safety net.

The GOP used to get by on " bumper-sticker wisdom." Now they simply hide behind a demented, bumbling buffoon who reliably derails any hope of sensible debate.

The reality is that Trump will impede any progress we could possibly make on the issues that matter most to anyone who cares about the future.

He will attack healthcare, Social Security and Medicare as violently as he attacked women's rights in his first term.

And as Project 2025 makes clear, he won't stop there.

The GOP is spelling out a Christo-Fascist vision for America

Project 2025 is the culmination of a decades-long project to remake America as an anti-Christian "Christian Nation."

You can hear more about what that means for you in this conversation between LOLGOP and Andra Watkins, who writes the “How Project 2025 Will Ruin YOUR Life” Substack.

As LOLGOP spells out in his intro: Project 2025 is a "1,000-page plan for a full rollout of fascism developed by the elite of the Republican establishment... It’s a messianic mission statement." And you really should make sure everyone arounds you understands how "overwhelming and ominous" it is.

So Republicans are telling us EXACTLY WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO while simultaneously hiding behind a demented clown who doesn't give a damn about their religion to make sure people who aren't paying attention don't take them seriously.

These radical extremists know that Trump is driven only by his own personal and criminal motivations. That he has no political philosophy beyond gaining power, making money, and staying out of prison.

But Trump is also the key that opens the gate to their new authoritarian fantasy world. He's the final step on their stairway to oppression. In this version of America, there will be no abortion. There will be no contraception. There will be no divorce. There will be no pornography either. And when they say "pornography," that includes naked statues and pictures of penguins.

These ugly Americans are not real Christians. They worship false idols. They show indifference to the poor and the sick. They spit on the weak and the needy. They're driven by hate and anger, not love and forgiveness. They reject Christ's most basic teachings and neglect their Biblical responsibility to conserve God's creation.

And that's why they're so willing to sell their souls to a devil.

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