Who's Really "Soft on Pedos"?

Mitt Romney's Trump-loving niece Ronna Romney McDaniel has led the GOP into the sewers of pedophilia and perversion

Who's Really "Soft on Pedos"?
Picture by Gage Skidmore.

When Mitt Romney’s niece Ronna Romney McDaniel took over the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC) in 2017, the Republican Party was in crisis.

The election of the notorious pervert, pussygrabber, and pornstar-hush-money-paying Donald Trump had destroyed the party’s reputation as a protector of “family values.”

Even before the 2016 election, serial predator Trump had been accused of sexual assault by multiple women. In addition, multiple examples of his attraction to teens and pre-teens, as well as inappropriate sexual comments about his own daughters Ivanka and Tiffany—accompanied by video evidence—had already been made public.

Trump was well known for his close association with sex traffickers and child rapists Jeffrey Epstein and John Casablancas. Even before the 2016 election, Trump was revealed to have hosted “wild parties with sex, cocaine and underage models” in which girls as young as 15 were given the opportunity to “meet his affluent, older friends” who, if you were nice to them, could offer these underage teens “major career boosts.”

Where did Trump find the teens he would routinely pimp out?

A 2016 exposé by Mother Jones revealed how Trump Models routinely recruited teenagers from Eastern Europe, bringing them to the US on tourist visas, coaching them how to deceive US customs officials and, once they were here, trapped them in arrangements that required them to live in cramped conditions while paying “sky-high rents.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes described the arrangement as “Dickensian.” But some Twitter users weren’t as polite. One wrote: “Trump Models was a White Slavery front specializing in pimping-out underage Eastern European girls. Cohen set up politicians with 13yo girls and kept receipts. Once they became pedophiles, Trump blackmailed them. It’s an old KGB trick.”

Mormon mom McDaniel had an opportunity to tackle the GOP’s pervert and pedophilia problem

When Mormon mother of three and niece of the former GOP standard bearer Mitt Romney of Utah, Ronna Romney McDaniel became Chairwoman of the RNC on 19 January 2017, she had a choice to make.

Would she:

a) Speak out forcefully against the kinds of behaviors Trump and his pedophile associates were normalizing and insist that the Republican Party reclaim its role as staunch defender of “Christian” virtue and values?


b) Tacitly endorse the child rape and sexual exploitation happening in plain sight, thus accelerating the GOP’s descent into a fetid sewer of perversion and pedophilia?

The answer is, of course, (b).

Revelations that shock the conscience and disgust even hardened investigators

Ronna Romney McDaniel has remained silent as multiple new scandals have rocked the GOP and shocked the conscience and disgusted even the most hardened law enforcement personnel.

As I detailed in May 2021:

  • Ruben Verastigui, a digital strategist who had worked for both the RNC and the Trump reelection campaign, arrested as part of a federal child sexual exploitation investigation. In messages obtained by federal investigators, the pro-life activist wrote: “Babies are some of my biggest turn-ons.” According to The Daily Beast: “In a group chat with 18 others, Verastigui allegedly traded child porn and graphically discussed his preference for videos depicting child abuse… Verastigui also discussed ‘in great detail’ how much he enjoyed seeing children be abused and killed.”
  • Former Kentucky judge Tim Nolan “who served as a Trump delegate and ballot observer” and who was “charged with multiple human trafficking offenses, after an investigation found that he had a pattern of paying minors and adults for sex, in some cases recording them.”
  • Republican state senator Ralph Shortey, Trump’s Oklahoma campaign chair, was convicted of child sex trafficking and sentenced to 15 years. As NBC News reported, the then-married Shortey was arrested in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy he hired for sex. Police found exchanges on the teen’s tablet in which Shortey referred to him as “baby boy” and offered him cash in exchange for “sexual stuff.” Shortey was also discovered to have sent and received child pornography and used Craigslist to seek casual encounters with males, the “younger the better.”
  • Ben Gibson, a 2020 Republican congressional candidate from Louisiana, who lost his election in November and got arrested in December on four counts of pornography involving juveniles under the age of 13.
  • Trump Commerce Department official Adam Hageman, 25, has been accused of “sharing a child pornography video and commenting several times on sexually abusing children.” Hageman was a member of the group for months before Trump hired him and was “an active participant, often soliciting child pornography or commenting on it.” He also “invited at least one other person who he knew to be interested in child pornography and bestiality to the chat.”

In August 2021, I wrote about the arrest of prominent GOP strategist Anton Lazzaro, who was “arrested and indicted on federal sex trafficking charges for allegedly recruiting six minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts.”

Like alleged sex trafficker Matt Gaetz… the brash Lazzaro has used his Fox News appearances to aggressively promote and ingratiate himself to Donald Trump. He has not only been photographed with Trump and former VP Mike Pence, but also other prominent Republicans, including Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and former Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA).

In December 2021, I interviewed @cajsa, the Twitter user who:

Since September 2018, outraged by the Kavanaugh hearings… began compiling a list of #RepublicanSexualPredators. First on the list was Predator-in-Chief Donald Trump. But not all the names were as recognizable. Fifth on the list, for example, was ex-GOP Cobb County Chairman Joseph Russell Dendy, indicted in 2016 on 13 counts of child molestation, cruelty to children and sexual battery. Dendy’s victims were as young as four years old.

@Cajsa’s list of GOP predators and pedophiles now has close to 800 names, all sourced with the news reports that describe each of the perpetrator’s crimes.

Even today, as Ronna Romney McDaniel continues to bury her head in the sand about the active pedophilia and sex trafficking scandals in her own party, the GOP continues to launch outrageous attacks against Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. The “Soft on Pedos” attacks now extend to Republican Senators including Ronna’s own uncle, Mittens himself, for the crime of voting in favor of Jackson’s nomination.

The truth, in the upside-down world of the GQP, is once again the exact opposite of what the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene are saying.

Only one party is “Soft on Pedos.” And the wrong Romney is being attacked.

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