Morning in America

It's time to stop comparing Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. And start comparing him to F.D.R. or Clinton or Obama. Or even Ronald Reagan

Project 2025 and You

An interview with New York Times-bestselling author Andra Watkins about her must-read Substack newsletter "How Project 2025 Will Ruin YOUR Life"

Hiding Behind Trump

For Christo-Fascists, Trump is both their path to power and the clown who distracts voters from the true evil they represent.

To Protect Moms, Reject MOMS

Sen. Katie Britt (R-AL) says she wants moms to succeed—while watching Alabama women and babies die.

Selling the Planet for $1 Billion

Trump doesn't simply think the Manhattan courtroom where he's currently on trial for election interference should be warmer. He wants to turn up the heat on the entire planet.

Who Controls Your Future?

Resistance may have been effective in the first Trump term. Next time, it may be futile.

Bastardizing the News

Musk has radicalized Twitter and amplified misinformation. Now he wants to poison news itself.

Fake News!

"Catch and kill" aside, David Pecker's testimony made clear the 2016 impact of the Trump-AMI conspiracy.

What Causes Dementia?

The lifestyle changes Trump could have made to reduce his risk of Alzheimer's—but didn't.

Greedy Grandpas of the GOP

Trump and his fascist-friendly inner circle have a plan for America—and it doesn't include helping you.

Mocking the Me-Too Movement

Serial sex predator Trump is welcoming a man accused by "dozens of women" back into his inner circle. Where's the outrage?

Musk Madness

Is this really the man we want controlling our satellites, our space ships and our social media algorithms?

The Stormy Daniels Affair

In 2016, Stormy Daniels was silenced and Trump stole the Presidency. In 2024, her voice could help put Trump in a prison cell.

Take Back the Court

The Supreme Court is not just corrupt, unethical and extreme. It poses a serious threat to American freedoms for decades to come.

Better With Biden

In 2024, the State of the Union is better than it ever was under that asshole Trump.