Greedy Grandpas of the GOP

Trump and his fascist-friendly inner circle have a plan for America—and it doesn't include helping you.

"We're Still Fighting Nazis"

Nazis are not “fine people.” They must always be defeated, preferably at the ballot box. But we shouldn't forget those who fought them on the battlefields—and on the streets of London.

Trump Is a Psychopath

A new video to remind people exactly who they are being asked to vote for: Trump is a cruel, abusive, detestable human being.

Trump's "Many" Epstein Girls

Trump didn't have to leave Manhattan Island to commit multiple sex crimes, with and without the help of Jeffrey Epstein, right in his own neighborhood.

Trump and Epstein

"Trump flew on Epstein's plane 7 times. That's just the start of it," says Mary Trump.

Reasons to Celebrate

Biden has given Americans—especially those who like jobs, higher wages, lower inflation, manufacturing investment, action on climate, and higher 401(k) balances— many reasons to celebrate at the start of 2024.

"Catastrophic Risks"

Will AGI save the world or destroy it? In the words of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman: "No one knows what happens next."

Bad People Update

Catching up on some of the latest news about a few not-good people I've written about before.

Tesla Swerves, X Crashes

Maybe it's just a coincidence that as soon as news of Elon Musk's latest business disaster broke, so did all the links to news sites from X. Or maybe not.

"A War for The Human Soul"

No surprise: Elon Musk decides to embrace people who "use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame."

True Confessions

The story of Bridget Ziegler underscores the hypocrisy at the core of Moms for Liberty.

Winning the Digital War

It's time for everyone with a smartphone, an Instagram, X, Facebook, or TikTok account to communicate that the fight against fascism must be won NOW.

"Democracy Be Damned"

America is under attack from a fascist-friendly political party and an extremist religious movement who hold Trump up as their—and America's—savior.

The Psychopathic Fascist

"Because of our knowledge of Psychopathic Personality Disorder... it is fair to say that Trump is more dangerous than even his strongest critics proclaim."