Musk and the Nazis

The world's richest man is not anti-Semitic, he just blames the Jews for all his problems.

Musk and the Nazis

The world's richest man is not anti-Semitic, he just blames the Jews for all his problems.

What's Work Worth?

This Labor Day, the easiest way to earn a paycheck is to steal other people's work and feed it into X or ChatGPT.

Catholics Against Christ

America's Catholic bishops are abandoning Jesus and putting their faith in fascism.

The X-ecutions Begin

In July 2023, a Saudi Arabian Twitter user who operated an anonymous account with only 9 followers was sentenced to death.

The Fight for America's Soul

In the battle for the soul of our nation, Republicans are waging a war against both U.S. democracy and the loving, tolerant Jesus Democrats like Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter believe in.

Time to X-it

If you haven't ditched Twitter already, today's a good time to do it. At minimum, take your account private and stop tweeting. And never respond to a "blue check" tweeter who is actively trying to piss you off.

"Hitler Tactics"

“These are Hitler tactics, and something has to be done," said 98-year-old Joan Meyer shortly after the August 11 raid. On August 12, she collapsed and died.

Fascism in Kansas

In America in 2023 the steamroller of fascism is rolling merrily along. And unless we all unite to stop it, it's going to crush us all eventually.

The Leper State

Ron DeSantis said he wanted to "Make America Florida." But a more apt slogan might be: "Less Disney. More Leprosy."

"X" Becomes Ransomware

Unable to negotiate legitimate deals with advertisers, X CEO Linda Yaccarino is now holding a gun to their heads.

RIP Twitter

There's never been a better time to quit Twitter. Because if you stay on X after all you now know about Elon Musk, don't be surprised if people start asking Y?

Redefining Pornography

The Heritage Foundation is joining with Moms for Liberty to wage war on the LGBTQ+ community and attack the First Amendment rights of all American students

Hate Pays

Twitter advertisers are now funding the most divisive and dangerous voices on social media

Criminal Justices

Committing perjury. Accepting bribes. Taking away our rights. All in a day's work at the Roberts Supreme Court.