Moms For Hypocrisy

Moms For Hypocrisy

Book-banning Moms For Liberty founder Tiffany Justice sets the bar "really, really low." Then fails to clear it.

Fresh off its Marjorie-Taylor-Greene-on-60-Minutes debacle, CBS decided that giving a platform to the vicious political operatives running the astroturf group Moms For Liberty was a good idea.

The interview on the CBS Sunday Morning show came against a backdrop of the ongoing "war on words" in America—an aggressive campaign to censor books that began with a focus on the LGBTQ experience and Black history, but is now expanding to an even-wider range of authors and themes.

Given the chance to explain why they want to ban so many excellent books on so many useful topics, Moms for Liberty co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich told CBS their main focus is on making sure that school libraries offer "books that educate children."

Asked to explain further, Justice said: "Books that don't have pornography in them. Let's start there. Let's just put the bar really, really low. Books that don't have incest, pedophilia, rape in them."

But does Tiffany Justice really want to keep "pornography" out of schools?

By the standards of Moms for Liberty and new "Sensitive Materials" laws in states like Utah and Florida, "the most commonly distributed pornographic book in the world" is clearly The Bible.

In fact, one parent in Utah recently asked for it to be banned for content that includes: “Incest, onanism, bestiality, prostitution, genital mutilation, fellatio, dildos, rape, and even infanticide.”

One would think that Moms for Liberty are fully aware of the hypocrisy of their anti-porn, pro-Bible position. Just as one would think these "Moms" are also aware that the most active group of groomers in America are not Drag Queens or teachers or librarians. They are "Christian" clergy members and conservative Bible-thumpers with the kind of "Dads for Liberty" profiles that might remind them of their own husbands.

But to give Tiffany Justice the benefit of the doubt—maybe she simply repressed all the dirty parts of The Bible she was exposed to as a child—I used my Donald Drumpf parody account to alert her to the fact that, based on the "really, really low bar" she had just spoken about on national television, it was time for Moms for Liberty to call for a ban on The Bible.

Instead of being grateful for the heads-up, Justice promptly blocked that account.

To my mind, if Jodi Picoult or Margaret Atwood or Toni Morrison wrote scenes in which two daughters, on separate nights, got their dad drunk in order to sleep with him and become pregnant by him, Moms for Liberty would certainly seek to have those books banned from schools.

Why should the Bible be any different?

After all, as Suzanne Nossel CEO of Pen America said recently in a Congressional hearing on censorship and educational gag orders: “A principle isn’t a principle unless it's applied to all equally.”

Either Moms for Liberty were acting like the worst kind of hypocrites—the kind Jesus would have really had a problem with. Or maybe I was missing something.

So I took the matter to my good friend ChatGPT.

What does ChatGPT have to say?

As a test—and so as not to accused of writing porn here on the interweb—I asked ChatGPT to write a scene in which two daughters on separate nights get their dad drunk so they can have sex with him and get pregnant by him.

ChatGPT said no-can-do. Writing such a scene would be "inappropriate" it said, and would "promote harm, abuse, or exploitation."

When I pointed out to my friend Chat that I was simply asking it to rewrite a famous scene from the Bible in which Lot's daughters get him drunk so they can have sex with him and get pregnant by him, Chat replied in part:

While it is true that the story includes a depiction of incestuous relations between Lot and his daughters, it is important to note that such behavior is not condoned or promoted by the Bible or any religious or moral authority.
Artwork depicting Lot's daughters getting their dad drunk to have sex with him

Clearly the hypocrites running Moms for Liberty have no problem with all "pornography" or all incest.

Then again, maybe we shouldn't be surprised at the hypocrisy of the white Christian "Moms" whose fake "parents' rights" agenda is designed to destroy schools, attack diversity, and make children less safe.

After all, Moms for Liberty are known for tactics as dirty as the dirty money that funds them.

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