"Google Project 2025"

This is not a drill. The plan is written. The executive orders are prepared. Christian Nationalists already have your entire future mapped out.

"Google Project 2025"

Last month, I interviewed New York Times-bestselling author Andra Watkins about her fast-growing Substack newsletter "How Project 2025 Will Ruin YOUR Life."

As Watkins made clear, the Christo-Fascist plan for America has nothing to do with making America "great." Nor will it protect "liberty" or "freedom" for most Americans, no matter how often the Christo-Fascists use those words.

In fact, Project 2025—a ready-made plan for Trump's second term that the adjudicated rapist and convicted felon seems eager to adopt—would reimagine the Constitution, attack our personal freedoms, increase censorship, and centralize government control, while attempting to compel reluctant states into compliance using strong-arm tactics.

Project 2025:

  • Places the Bible above the Constitution—and forces us all to follow strict (and decidedly un-Christian) Christian Nationalist interpretations.
  • Limits reproductive rights, marriage choices, and access to contraception.
  • Redefines and criminalizes pornography in ways that would eliminate various forms of art and media.
  • Centralizes power through executive actions and restructured civil services—and uses military force to suppress dissent.
  • Uses federal funding as leverage to ensure state compliance with Project 2025’s policies.

The conservatives behind Project 2025 are openly "proud" of their contributions. Red State Governors are already putting the wheels in motion. And fascist billionaires and tech bros are jumping on board the steamroller of fascism, hoping to create an aura of invincibility for Trumpolini's second term.

But awareness is growing.

The Biden-Harris campaign is urging TikTokers to "Google Project 2025."

John Oliver dedicated his June 15 show to it, stating at the outset: "If Trump's first term was defined by chaos, his second could be defined by ruthless efficiency. And that should be troubling to absolutely everyone."

Your Project 2024 if you choose to accept it: Do all you can to stop Project 2025.

LOLGOP is encouraging his readers to email the John Oliver episode to anyone "who you think might spread it or be swayed by it." (I second the motion.)

His earlyworm project is compiling resources to help you in your mission at: project2024.info.

See also: My ever-expanding thread on X.

Also on X: Over the weekend, Christopher Webb went viral after posting a 12-minute clip of an MSNBC interview with Kevin Roberts, President of the Heritage Foundation and author of the 17-page foreword that spells out the agenda contained in Project 2025's nearly 1000-page "Mandate for Leadership" document.

Webb's caption read:

Holy Fu@K!!
Please make sure everyone you know sees this segment with Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts — the organization behind Project 2025. —————
QUESTION: Is your organization going to accept the results of the 2024 presidential election, regardless of the election results.
ANSWER: Yes, if there isn’t massive fraud like there was in 2020.
QUESTION: There wasn’t massive fraud. Where was it?
ANSWER: no answer
QUESTION: What is the plan for the deportation of undocumented immigrants in the interior, not at the border.
ANSWER: We need to have the biggest mass deportation system in America.
QUESTION: What are these people (undocumented immigrants) doing?
ANSWER: A lot of them are committing crimes like murdering the 12-year-old girl in Houston.
FACT: That’s one out of 11 million. In Texas, undocumented immigrants were 37.1 % less likely to be convicted of a crime.
QUESTION: Should a woman be able to get an abortion if her doctor says she needs one?
ANSWER: Abortion is not healthcare. We will change the name of the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Life, because we are all in support of life.

Kevin Roberts is clearly proud of his work on Project 2025. And while many MSNBC viewers were taken aback that he was given a platform on the network, Christopher Wiggins of The Advocate summed it up like this:

At first I was dubious of @MSNBC for inviting a Heritage Foundation person on to spout lies.
Then I saw this interview and recognized that the best way to highlight the insanity that’s afoot is to put examples of it on television for all to see.

Watch the full clip on YouTube.

Word is getting out about Project 2025. And the more people find out about it, the more the alarm is growing.

The plan sounds too crazy to be real.

But this is not a drill. The plan is written. The executive orders are prepared. Christian Nationalists already have your future mapped out.

So start talking about it now.

Share the John Oliver clip. Or this short explainer from Courier News.

Tell someone you love to "Google Project 2025" before it's too late.

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