Who's Really "Meandering"?

Trump is the only candidate "meandering." And until that reality sinks in, America will keep meandering toward fascism.

Who's Really "Meandering"?

The biggest fake news story this week was splashed across the front page of Trump's favorite tabloid not owned by a guy called Pecker, Rupert Murdoch's New York Post.

Under a big fat headline "MEANDER IN CHIEF," the Post wrote: "Biden embarrasses US with confused wanderings at world conference"

The whole story was a big fat lie

This supposedly front-page-worthy news was in fact a brief retelling of a deceptively edited video posted on X by the political hit machine @RNCResearch. (For some reason, it took two "journalists"—Patrick Reilly and Ronny Reyes—to write the story, likely so that neither one would shoulder the whole blame for it for the rest of their careers.)

The story was quickly disproved by video from a second angle that showed that Biden wasn't "meandering off." He was actually interacting with a group of parachutists not visible in the first video.

This outrageous—and false—attack on Biden's supposed "senility" comes on the heels of The Wall Street Journal's recent smear job against the President which, , as Judd Legum and Aaron Rupar reported, was then repackaged by Sinclair Broadcasting and "beamed into the homes of millions of Americans" by a right-wing local TV network that "owns or operates 185 local television stations across 86 markets."

False attacks designed to hide the real truth

It should be no surprise that the right wing media machine is ramping up the attacks on Joe Biden just as Trump's obvious cognitive decline becomes more and more apparent.

Trump says demented things at rallies. He says demented things behind closed doors with his GOP minions. And—even if you want to dismiss those two situations as performative displays—he even says demented things when he sits down with America's top CEOs.

"CEOs who walked in... being Trump supporter-ish or thinking they might be leaning in that direction, said that he was remarkably meandering, could not keep a straight thought, was all over the map."

As Andrew Sorkin revealed on CNBC yesterday, Trump “could not keep a straight thought" and "was all over the map," according to executives at the meeting.

Trump is the only candidate "meandering"

As clinical psychologist (and friend of this newsletter) Vince Greenwood Ph.D, recently told hosts Dr. John Gartner and Dr. Harry Segal on the Shrinking Trump podcast, there's a big difference between dementia (Trump) and normal aging (Biden).

Watch on YouTube: Starts at 26:55:

Meanwhile, the Trump family and the Trump campaign, along with fake-news-peddling right-wing media—and with the complicity of The New York Times and others—continue to deflect and distract from Trump's increasingly obvious cognitive decline.

Trump is the only candidate "meandering."

Until that reality gets more accurately reported, America will keep meandering toward fascism.

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